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Tips To Help Make Your Writing A Blog Stand Out From The Crowd

Blogs may be started for business purposes. No matter the motivation, your blog is your own. The following paragraphs will introduce you to some techniques that follows includes several great ideas to get your blog up and running smoothly.

One way that many new bloggers fail is that they start a new blog and updating it infrequently. Readers will get bored when they must wait too long for new update. A great idea is to make a new blog update weekly and send out email updates.

Don’t ever copy something else.You don’t need to be professional, but you do need to be knowledgeable and passionate about your subject.

Use different images in your blog posts. Pictures can show a lot more than words; the old saying about pictures’ worth compared to words proves it. This definitely holds true with writing a blog. Images are sometimes able to communicate with your viewers more than simply words. As such, it makes sense to incorporate pictures wherever possible.

Make sure your blog is functioning well. This means you are performing all necessary maintenance is being performed and change small features on your blog every now and then. This ensures that your readers have easy access to your site and will keep them coming back.

Choose keywords to put in your blog that are unique and less-competitive keywords.

Break up long blog posts with subheadings.This will give you a wider viewership and make your blog much easier to read and digest. This is easy and can help you elevate your blog.

The easier it is for people to find your blog, the larger readership you will have. Use these tips to see a boost in the number of readers you have.

One key aspect of the things you must remember with your blog is to enjoy it! Writing A Blog can quickly become tiresome when you and readers if there is no passion in it. Find a topic that you love writing about and have fun. If you are creative and are enjoying what you’re doing, chances are your visitors will enjoy reading it.

Research every topic fully that you wish to post on it. You also know what you’re talking about the topic to be able to respond in a smart way to those who comment on the blog post.

Giving away stuff is a wonderful way to attract attention. Nobody can resist a freebie, even if the free item is small. Give away freebies regularly and you will be payed back nicely.People who know you do giveaways will frequent your blog on a more regular basis so that they don’t miss the chance to win!

Keep a close watch on your blog posting competition and always try to one-up what they are doing so that you can stay ahead of the game. Remember that they are probably on your blog just as you read theirs.

As you have seen from the above article, writing a blog really isn’t difficult if you are willing to stay busy, and once you learn a few simple tips and tricks. Take advantage of what you’ve learned here, and use this advice to take your blog to great new heights. Enjoy your happy blog posting adventure!

Reasons Why We Study Statistics

The statistics course is a science of learning from data. The knowledge gained after this course helps one apply proper data collection methods and make correct analyses for correct results. Statistics is an important process behind scientific discoveries and how predictions and decisions are based on the presented data. It is through statistics that you can understand a subject deeper. Statistics has many units, including inferential statistics, descriptive and statistical modelling. And it can be used in various fields like healthcare, government, science and business. So why is it important for you to study statistics?

1.      To understand the world better

Descriptive statistics such as summary statistics, charts and tables are used in describing raw data. All these help one to better understand existing data. For instance, if you have a set of raw data with 50000 student scores in a certain state, you can: generate a histogram to visualize the distribution of their scores. You can also find the mean score and standard diversion of their scores, or you can create a frequency table to better understand the distribution of their scores. Descriptive statistics helps us to understand the scores much better than having only the raw data.

2.      To make future predictions

Mastery of statistics helps us understand basic regression models like logic, simple, and multiple linear regressions. These models help one make predictions of the response variable based on the value of specific predictor variables in the model. For instance, businesses use multiple linear regression models when using predictor variables such as income, age, ethnicity, and more to predict how much customers will spend in their businesses. In the same breath, logistics companies use predictor variables such as population, size and total demand to predict future sales. In every industry, chances are high that you will apply regression models to predict future phenomena.

3.      To be wary of potential bias in studies

We study statistics courses to be wary of various types of bias in real-world studies. Examples of bias include:

  • Observer bias.
  • Referral bias.
  • Self-selection bias.
  • Non-response bias.
  • Omitted variable bias
  • Undercoverage bias.

Understanding these potential biases allows you to avoid them when conducting research. Equally, you can be aware of them when studying other people’s research studies or papers. 

4.      To understand assumptions made by statistical tests

Various statistical tests make assumptions concerning the underlying data under study. When performing a study or reading the results of one, it is crucial to understand the right assumptions to make the results reliable. Some assumptions used in statistical tests include the assumption of equal variance, the assumption of normality, and the assumption of independence in statistics. 

5.      Help to analyze data

Statistics assists in data analysis as it collaborates with fields like applied mathematics. It also assists in the packaging, abstraction and comprehension of the topic areas. The creative use of computing systems has made research in information science a breeze. To perform the duties of a statistician, you must have background knowledge of statistics. 

6.      Career opportunities for graduates

The benefit of studying statistics as a course is that you can combine the knowledge with various other fields in business, science and technology. As a statistician, you are employable in various industries such as finance, biology, economics, medicine, engineering, marketing, public health, psychology, sports and education. In these and more areas/industries, you will work closely with other researchers and scientists to develop new statistical techniques, design experiments, adapt the existing techniques and analyze surveys and retrospective studies. 

A statistics course is a valuable tool that helps us understand the world better and make accurate predictions. Study statistics, and you will be sharp and quick to spot bias and understand various assumptions made by statistical tests. This course will make you more likely to secure employment, so there are a lot of benefits when you choose this course. 

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5 Ways To Write Better Job Descriptions

Career 5 Ways To Write Better Job Descriptions If you are to get the right candidates in the interview room, you’ll need to appeal to those candidates in the right way. That’s why the writing of the most informative and compelling job descriptions is such a key part of Online Recruitment. Here are just some of the techniques you should try to give your own firm’s job descriptions that bit more vital impact and relevance.

1.Come Up With A Clear Job Title Is it obvious what the position title means from first glance, even for those from outside your company? If it isn’t, this may be because the title is too long or uses confusing terminology. By carefully optimising your job title, you can come up something short and punchy, but also meaningful that even the most casual reader can quickly understand.

2.Outline What It’s Like To Work For You Is the ‘vibe’ in your office formal or casual? Whatever your company culture may be, it’s vital to communicate this in the job description. You may also do this in part by detailing certain specific features of life on your premises, such as morning meetings, team seminars and what travel arrangements are required to get to the office.

3.Stipulate The Daily Duties Candidates will be able to better visualise what your vacancy is really about if you accurately describe the most mundane everyday requirements of the job. Also consider what this job’s daily duties are likely to be in the future, so that the eventual recruit is unlikely to be surprised by how the position evolves over the coming months and years.

4.Detail The Most Valuable Skills What are the skills necessary for this job to be done to the required standard? If the candidate is well-informed on these, they will be able to compare them to their own skills and consider whether they are a truly suitable candidate for the role. This will help to narrow down the list of applicants to only those who are a good match to the position. 5.Explain What Would Represent The Greatest Success You won’t want the person that you eventually hire for this position to be merely ‘good enough’, so it makes sense to precisely describe what would constitute particular success in the role.

When every potential candidate knows this, those that walk into your interview room are likely to be more informed and better prepared to answer your most challenging questions. If you are to recruit the best people for your vacancies, it isn’t enough just to know what your needs are for your open roles – they also need to be outlined in your job descriptions. This makes the most clear and informative descriptions all-important. Follow the above steps, and you will maximise your chances of achieving this with your own firm’s job descriptions – and getting the best results from your online recruitment as a result.

Use The 5 W’s To Rock Your Marketplace

Meet the five W’s: Who, What, When, Where, Why.

Oh, them, you say. Inverted pyramid and all that journalism stuff. The five W?s are old-timers, old news.

Well, yes. But there?s a reason they?ve been around a long time.

Plus, I?ll let you in on a secret: They?re not just for reporters writing breaking news stories or publicists cranking out press releases. You can apply the 5 W’s to marketing pieces, even advertising. Let me show you how.

Beyond PR

The five W?s have long been the mainstay of PR professionals who must write newsworthy press releases to get media attention for their clients. By effectively using the five W?s, they?re speaking the language of journalists and the news business.

However, marketing, advertising and sales promotion are undisguised selling. How do the five W?s apply? Let?s run through them. Think about an ad, Web site, brochure, or sales letter.

Who ? Who is the audience, customer, or prospect? Who are you?
What ? What is the product, service, offer?
When ? What is the time element? Why is it important or urgent now?
Where ? Where is the market(s) or company (yours and/or theirs)?
Why ? Why should they respond or buy? What are the reasons or benefits? Why you instead of your competitor?

I?m not suggesting that the five W?s are a marketing cure-all.

You still need to stick to marketing basics: presenting products and services as solutions to problems; showcasing features and benefits; providing proof with testimonials, opinions and statistics; and having a strong call to action.

Simply use the five W?s to help flesh out all aspects of your message.

Stress-free Interviewing

With a firm grasp of the five W?s, I believe you can adequately steer your way through any interview. The five W?s give you the question-asking framework to approach any person, subject and project.

Ideally, you prepare for an interview, considering the focus of your piece, gathering background information and preparing questions in written form or in your head.

The five W?s are a good starting point, but you?ll find them absolutely indispensable in those instances when you have little or no time to prepare for an interview. The five W?s will help you ask some decent questions and come away with what you need to write the piece.

Don?t Forget ?How?

Not widely publicized because it doesn?t begin with a “W,” “how” is a frequent sidekick of the 5 W’s.

How important is “how”? It?s of prime importance in every rags-to-riches story. We all want to know how they did it. It?s critical to new technology, as in how it works. You can probably think of other examples. Lean heavily on “how,” for it can be just as important as the five W?s.

Copyright (c) 2006 Neil Sagebiel

Make Money As A Copywriter

Copywriters are some of the most highly paid writers. A copywriter prepares marketing and sales text to help bring people and potential buyers to a certain business, either online or off. Copywriters prepare items such as sales letters, website content, brochures, emails and fliers. These must be powerfully written to appeal to possible customers, and effective copy can make a tremendous amount of money, hence the high rates copywriters charge.

Learn the Craft

To make money as a copywriter, you must first understand copywriting. It is far more than writing a friendly sales pitch or coming up with cute slogans. Copywriting is marketing at is finest, and there are experts and resources that will help build a marketing foundation in writers anxious to learn this valuable skill.

Take classes or read all you can to learn the proper format of sales letters and other material. Read the work of others to see current trends and styles. Practice writing copy for your own projects and websites before attempting to do so for clients ? copywriting is easily tracked through product or service sales, so you must be knowledgeable and confident before taking on projects.

Set up Shop

Once you have the skills necessary to begin working as a copywriter, you must establish yourself in the market. Many copywriters work as freelancers either part-time or full-time. These individuals may create their own website or at the very least a profile on someone else?s site. Traditional copywriters also work on print materials, not just online, so business cards and fliers may also bring in clients.

Your rates will be tied to your productivity, so starting copywriters can not charge as much as successful, established professionals. The first few projects you take on might be heavily discounted or even free to help build a portfolio and obtain valuable references and actual experience.

Other copywriters first begin selling items or services of their own to show their skill. This is why a website or brochure makes a great deal of sense for a copywriter ? what better way to show your marketing ability than to effectively market yourself?

Build a Network

Copywriting is a skill in high demand and most copywriting business is brought in on referrals. This means that the better a copywriter?s client and professional network, the more business he is likely to have. Network with others in the industry and constantly read and research methods and philosophies.

Over time, you will most likely develop a specialty in a form of promotion or a particular industry. This is desirable as specialists know an industry inside and out and have the right contacts. If you are a specialist in a field, you will be well-known within that industry for your work and have earned a great deal of respect and profits.

Hire A Website Content Writer When You Want Content That Sizzles!

Does your website attract traffic – and keep it there? A good website content writer has the ability to create content that attracts not only the search engines, but targeted visitors as well. The main crux of your business is your site; if the content on it is lacking, so is your business.

Unfortunately, many online business owners pay more attention to the looks of their site than the information they provide. They create dazzling graphics, add all kinds of bells and whistles, then wonder why visitors leave after only 3 to 5 seconds. You can bet it’s because they didn’t find the information they were hoping to find! A website content writer will create words that attract your visitors like flies to honey. They will realize from the first few seconds that YOU have the information they have been searching for. Can you imagine how this will benefit your business?

You can find many writers on the world wide web, but not all have the skills to create content that sells, and that is optimized to benefit page rank. An exceptional website content writer knows how to do both; you need words that offer value to your visitor, but that also tell the search engines what your site is about. You need hypnotic content that has your audience so engaged that they simply cannot leave until they finish absorbing the great information you offer.

If your online business doesn’t attract the traffic you would like, or does but doesn’t seem to keep it there, you need a change. Consider hiring a website content writer that knows how to create pages that mesmerize your visitors and attract the search engines attention. Great content is what makes the world wide web go round, and if you don’t have it you may fall off into oblivion!

Creative Writing 101: Five Tips for Collecting Your Thoughts

Creative writing is all about turning ideas into words. First, of course, you must have an idea; something to write about. But unless you know how to put those ideas down into words you can sit there staring at your computer all day and will have nothing to show for it but a blank screen and a headache So how do you bridge the gap? How do you get your ideas out of your head and down on paper in such a way that they will actually make sense to someone else? It begins by learning how to collect your thoughts.
Five Tips for Bridging the Gap between the Idea and the Word
The bridge between the ideas that you have and the words that you write is actually quite simple. It consists of learning how to collect your thoughts. Many people believe that their thoughts and ideas are coherent; that they make sense. And in their minds those ideas may make perfect sense. Unfortunately, there usually comes a time between the having the idea and getting it out on paper that something important gets lost. Somewhere you misplaced the nuances that made your topic so appealing when you first thought about it. The following five tips can help you in collecting your own thoughts and putting them down on paper.
Keep a Writing Journal. Not only should you keep a writing journal, it should stay with you. It doesn’t matter what size. Even a small, pocket-sized notebook will work. And yes, it is an annoyance to always carry a journal around with you. However, being able to record your thoughts as they occur is a lifesaver, especially if you are in the middle of something else; like a meeting or a family activity.

Write Down Everything. It isn’t enough to just have a writing journal; you have to get into the habit of writing everything down. I don’t care if it is just a fleeting thought; you need to write it down. You need to write everything down. Get used to putting your ideas into words and make sure that when you re-read what you have written that it makes sense to you as well. If you look back through your journal and find that you can’t understand what you were talking about, then you need to refine your note taking style.

Re-Write Every Day. At the end of every day you need to go through your journal and take those ideas that you have written and copy them into a working notebook or even type them into your computer. This will not only help to keep your ideas fresh in your head, it will also help you to begin a working copy of your idea; one which you can adjust and adapt as need be.

Be Your Own Worst Critic. It is not enough to simply write your ideas down, nor even enough to re-write your ideas so that they flow smoothly. Sometimes you have to pull the entire structure apart and re-build it from the ground up. Even though the idea may have sounded good the first time you wrote it down, it can always be better! Write and re-write your ideas out until they say exactly what you want them to; until you can see the picture that they paint in your mind.

Use a Sounding Board. It helps to have a sounding board; someone who is willing to read your work and give you their unbiased opinion. It is not this person’s job to edit your work. You simply want their reaction to how the words sound; what sort of picture that it paints in their head. If you do not have a friend or acquaintance who is willing to serve as a sounding board for you, there are many websites out there that allow you to post your work and have readers critique it for you. This is invaluable in learning how to fine tune your writing.
The Benefits of Learning How to Collect Your Thoughts
Learning how to collect your thoughts and being able to bridge the gap between the idea and actually expressing the idea is a daunting task. But by using five tips listed above you can go from simply having an idea to being able to share that idea with others in a way that they will be able to understand.

Five Copywriting Mistakes to Avoid

Never underestimate the importance of good copywriting – if you’re initiating a content marketing strategy, you’ll need to make a success of it to achieve the desired results.

If your content does not get the point across, you may lose potential sales and damage your company’s reputation, which is why it’s necessary to place your copywriting campaign in reliable hands.

Below are five common copywriting mistakes that must be avoided:1. Boring headlines’The Father of Advertising’ David Ogilvy best sums up the importance of the humble headline:

“On average, five times as many people read the headline as the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.”

If your headline is unable to draw the reader in, that opportunity for a sale is almost certainly gone.

A headline should be catchy, enticing and hard-hitting, and capable of drawing the reader in at a glance.

2. Features without the benefitA feature tells the consumer the product’s function, while the benefit explains why they need it.

Good copywriters present the features before using them to convince a potential buyer of the product’s usefulness. A consumer will ignore things that do not directly benefit them.

3. Using the same meta title for each web pageDescriptive, informative copy is important per se – but it also needs to get noticed, which is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in.

A meta title reveals the name of a webpage and are read by search engine robots and visitors to the site. To appear higher up the rankings, they need to appeal to the former first and the latter second.

If the same meta title is used for each page, your site won’t be properly optimised. This may implicate its search rankings, and its ability to inform potential customers of your business’s products and services.

4. Saying too much… or too littleA copywriter must understand the reader and the product. Some copy might involve multiple pages of information, but others may only require a single tweet to get the point across and achieve the desired results.

The important point to remember is to be concise. Word economy is paramount – very rarely can a 3,000-word article not be reduced to 2,500 or 2,000 words. Conciseness prevents unnecessary information from cluttering your copy.

5. Missing the call to actionOnce you have a ‘a hook’, your reader and potential customer requires a gentle push in the right direction. Ask them to sign up for a newsletter, like your page on Facebook or follow you on Twitter. If you ask for a specific action, the reader will often oblige.

If your article writing disregards the call to action, how do you expect to turn a visitor of your website into a client or buyer?

Pharmaceutical Copywriter? Maybe?

So you are just getting out of college. You want to earn your living as a writer, and you decide on a career as an advertising copywriter. Naturally everyone wants to write the next great sneaker ad, or be the brainchild of the newest 20-year Vodka campaign, right? Not so fast.

While a career in ?consumer? advertising has always been the benchmark of the industry, more and more young copywriters are finding their way in the growing world of pharmaceutical advertising. So why would someone want to write about a depression drug rather than a soft drink?

Here are three major reasons for this trend:


With Job security as low as it has been since the crash of 1929, young creatives in general consumer advertising on Madison Avenue are finding themselves out of work an alarming rate. Pharmaceutical advertising is generally a bit more stable, as the market is simply smaller.


Initially, the salaries earned by consumer and healthcare copywriters is roughly about the same. That is to say, not very much. However, successful healthcare writers see larger salary increases and title promotions sooner than their consumer counterparts.

Sense of Importance:

At first glance the content, regulations and demographic would imply that pharmaceutical advertising wouldn?t allow for as much creativity as a general consumer advertising. And while your ?creative box? may be a bit smaller in pharmaceutical advertising, the work does allow and lend itself to a more dramatic and strategic end result. Furthermore, many creatives in pharmaceutical advertising love the fact that the message matters, and feel that their work truly is important.

So while writing the dream sequence spot for that new video game is fun, at the end of the day you?re simply marketing a video game.

Pharmaceutical writers are asked to really devour the product; it?s chemistry and most importantly how the condition for which the pharmaceutical product is indicated affects patients. In many cases, writers are asked to interview and meet patients to talk about their condition(s). It has been debated ad nauseam if medication is truly the best therapy. And while I?m smart enough to not opine on that topic, there is no arguing that awareness and education for both patients and healthcare professionals are necessary.

In any case, we can be certain that medicine has historically done more for society than any sneaker, soft drink or video game ever has.

To learn more about a career as a pharmaceutical copywriter please feel free to email me at anthony@

Anthony Hemsey is a Sr. Trainer/ VP Placement Specialist at Dola Group Professsional Development. Dola Group is a consulting and executive search firm dedicated soley to the medical pharmaceutical advertising and marketing arena. To learn more about Dola Group?s current program and job openings please visit

To begin a dialogue with one of Dola Group?s professional consultants please send an email to resumes@-? and mention this article!