Archive: November 24, 2019

Do You Experience Sleepless Nights? Quick Overview of Insomnia

Everybody experiences an occasional sleepless night.
Sometimes we just can’t seem to fall asleep quickly, or we might wake up during the night more than once and find we just can’t get back to sleep easily. Then, the next night, we have no problem. Sleep once again comes to us easily. We fall asleep quickly and sleep through the night.
We often instinctively find ourselves using natural ways to help fall asleep when a sleepless night is an occasional occurrence and it isn’t a continuing problem. This may involve taking a hot bath or doing a relaxing mental exercise.
But if you find that either or both of these problems (can’t fall asleep or lay awake after waking in the night) lasts for nights on end, you may be battling with Insomnia.
When you experience difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep or having non-refreshing sleep for one month, this is classic definition of Insomnia.
If you find yourself experiencing any of the below symptoms for more than a month you should consider the possibility that you are experiencing Insomnia.
• Fall asleep during the day
• Lay awake in the middle of the night
• Feel tired or exhausted during the day
• Don’t feel refreshed when you wake up
• Have Difficulty falling asleep many nights in a row
• Wake up several times during the night for no obvious reason
As soon as you recognize the problem you should begin to explore why you are experiencing a Sleep Challenge and if it is Insomnia, or another sleep related problem.
These are some of the most common and easily identifiable causes of Insomnia:
• Worry
• Headaches
• Physical Pain
• Anxiety or Stress
• Incomplete Tasks
• Alcohol Consumption
• Exercising too late at night
• Uncomfortable bedroom environment
• Eating the wrong the foods or too late at night
• Drinking Caffeinated Beverages too late in the day
• Not properly winding down as bedtime approaches
There exist many natural solutions to most Sleep Challenges. One can find a way to Cure insomnia by using many natural techniques and mental exercises. Sometimes you just need to make a change in your evening or daily routine, or foods you eat.
If you want to Sleep better to enjoy life more, it is time for you to explore various tools that are available for you to use to naturally promote relaxation of your mind and body and to help fall asleep.
One simple way to discover these solutions is to keep a Sleep Journal.
There are many factors involved to determine what can be causing your sleeping difficulties. In a Sleep Journal you will keep track of many pieces of your life relating to your daily routine, including when and what you eat or drink, exercise, and your nightly routine. You can also record what is stressing you during the day, or at night.
Practicing good Sleep Hygiene is an important factor to getting a good night Sleep. Many people don’t realize how some things they do every day or in the evening affect their ability to get a good night Sleep.
Using a Sleep Journal is one way to help you determine if you are practicing good Sleep Hygiene or if there are pieces of your daily and nightly routines that you need to improve or change to help fall asleep easily and stay asleep at night.
Insomnia can have a very negative impact on our health and ability to enjoy a productive and joyful life.
There have been various recent studies that show that a lack of sleep can lower your immune system’s ability to fight infections and being well rested can help you fight off germs. Not getting enough sleep at night may be the reason you catch colds, or experience the flu more often than other people around you.
Another serious problem is daytime sleepiness. Sleep deprivation can be as dangerous as drinking and driving. It is a common cause of auto accidents. If you find yourself feeling sleep when driving, take a break.
And it can actually be the cause of Depression, not just a symptom. When we don’t sleep well, the whole world looks less bright and we are less able to handle small or large challenges that come our way everyday.
These are just a few reasons you would want to resolve your Sleep difficulties quickly and get back on a path to optimal health by easily falling into a restorative sleep every night.